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CAO Status Check 2024-2025 – CAO Application Status Check

Check your CAO application status online at my application status 2024. You can check your application status online at

CAO Status Check 2024-2025 –

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is an organization that processes applications for undergraduate courses at universities and colleges in Ireland. It acts as a clearinghouse for applications, allowing prospective students to apply to multiple institutions with one application. The CAO also manages the system of points used to rank applicants for oversubscribed courses.

How To Check CAO Application Status Online

The CAO student portal allows you to check the status of your CAO application

cao status check

CAO Application Status Portal 2024

Central Applications Office (CAO) Application Status Checking Portal allows prospective students who have submitted applications to check and access their admission status online.sassa is also a grant if you are also sassa beneficiaries and want sassa status check then check by the given website.

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CAO Application Fee in South Africa?

In case the application is submitted on time, the CAO application fee is R250 for South African citizens and R300 for international applicants.For SA citizens and international students, a late fee of R470 applies if the documents and forms reach the CAO after the deadline.

CAO Application Fee

CAO application fees can be paid in one of the following ways

Payment option Where payment can be made Payment type accepted
EASYPAY                                                * Preferred payment option* Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Woolworths or any store displaying the EasyPay sign. Cash, Debit or Credit Card
Paying online by Credit Card Visit Click on ‘My Application’, enter your CAO or ID number and follow the prompts. Credit Card Payment ONLY
Credit or Debit Card payment At the CAO Office. Gate 11, UKZN, Mary Thiphe Street, Cato Manor, Durban Credit or Debit Card

How do I know if CAO have Received my Documents?

Your documents and application form must be accompanied by a stamped-addressed postcard or envelope if you wish to receive acknowledgement of receipt from the CAO.

On receipt of this postcard / envelope, the CAO will return the acknowledgement. It is important to note, however, that the CAO cannot verify the accuracy and completeness of the supporting documents, they can only confirm receipt of them.

How can I access my CAO documents?

Your documents will be scanned electronically by CAO and made available to view online. The CAO website has a section called ‘My Application’ where you can see your online application.

What do the different Statuses mean?

CAOs use specific terms to indicate how far the institution has progressed in considering your application. Below is a list of admission application status updates

Waiting for a Decision

 Your application has not yet been considered by the institution / school (This is the default status for on-time applications).

Late Application

Your application was received after the closing date for the program, so this is a default status. Late applications are handled differently by each institution. For more information, please refer to the prospectus of the institution.

Awaiting Results

Prior to making a decision on your application, the institution is waiting for further results (e.g. June, Trial, or Final NSC results)

Conditional Offer

If you meet the requirements, the institution will accept you. In cases where space is limited, these requirements may be higher than those published in this Handbook. During registration, some programs may conduct assessment tests. The offer may be withdrawn if you do not indicate that you want to accept the position or if your final results are not as good as your earlier performances.

Firm Offer

The institution / university offers you a place. If you do not accept the place, or if your final results are not as good as your earlier results, it may be withdrawn.

Has Not Met Programme Ranking Criteria

You do not meet the institution’s specific requirements. For more information, please refer to the institution’s prospectus. It is possible to change the ranking of a programme by completing a Change of Mind Request Form.


A special selection process is used for the programme. Institutions should contact you with details about the date, time, and location. It may be necessary for you to contact the institution directly.

Please Supply Academic Record

You must provide a copy of your academic record from your current or previous tertiary study.

Please Supply USAf/SAQA Evaluation

Your foreign exam results may need to be evaluated by Universities South Africa (USAf)/SAQA.

Programme Closed

There will be no further consideration of applications.

Refer for Decision

Before the application can be changed, it must be assessed.

Regret Programme Discontinued

It has been decided that the institution will no longer offer the programme originally listed in this Handbook. Institutions may suggest an alternative programme that you can apply for in some cases. You can change your mind at no cost by filling out a Change of Mind Request Form.

Regret Unsuccessful

According to their selection process, the institution decided not to offer you a place.

Short-listed, Standby and Wait-listed

You are being considered by the institution, but they have not yet decided whether they can accept your application.

Unsuccessful Following Placement Test/Interview

As a result of the entrance test you wrote or the interview you attended, the institution decided not to offer you a place. Also, institutions can use a number of messages to inform you that they are unable to accept your application.

CAO Contact Details

The CAO can be contacted directly via social media or email by prospective students. You can also call the number below.

CAO Address

  • Mary Thiphe Street (formerly corner of Francois and Cato Manor Roads), Cato Manor, Durban

CAO Contact Number

  •  (031) 268 4444
  • Share Call: 086 0860 CAO / 086 0860 226

CAO Contact Hours

  • Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30

CAO Email address


Q1) How do I check my CAO status?

Ans:- You can check the status of your application by clicking on the ‘Check My Application’ link on the homepage of our website or by calling 031 – 268 4444 or 0860 860 226 during and after business hours.

Q2) What does it mean if your CAO application is on hold?

Ans:- Your application has not yet been reviewed by the institutions since you submitted your documents. If you wish to follow up directly with the institution, you may do so.

Q3) How do I edit my CAO application?

Ans:- The ‘Change of Mind’ icon can be found on our website ( if you want to change your program choice or rearrange the order of your choices after applying.


Checking your CAO application status online at is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on the progress of your application. The Central Applications Office (CAO) provides a user-friendly student portal where applicants can access information about their admission status.

By entering their CAO number, ID number, or passport number, applicants can quickly check the status of their application. The CAO also offers helpful resources such as course listings, admission requirements, and payment options. For any inquiries or assistance, prospective students can reach out to the CAO through their contact details provided on the website. Stay informed and connected through the CAO portal for a smooth application process.