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CAO Offers and Leaving Cert Results



CAO Offers and Leaving Cert Results

CAO Offers and Leaving Cert Results We will walk you through the essential details concerning your Leaving Cert results and the subsequent Central Applications Office (CAO) offers.

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Receiving Your Leaving Results and the CAO Offers Process

Approximately two months have elapsed since the completion of your Leaving Cert exams. Can you recall that time, or does it feel like a distant memory? For many, it seems like a bygone era filled with worries and stress. Now, a different concern may occupy your thoughts: What will my results be, and will I secure my desired course?

If you find yourself pondering these questions, it’s important not to lose sleep over them in the nights leading up to the results. At this stage, there is little you can do to alter the outcome. Instead, maintain a positive and hopeful mindset; chances are, your performance might exceed your initial expectations. Below, we provide all the information you need to navigate this process seamlessly.



This guide sheds light on the pivotal moments post-Leaving Cert – awaiting results and navigating CAO offers. Embrace positivity, for your efforts may yield better outcomes than anticipated. Rest assured and stay informed for a smoother journey ahead.

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