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Where to Request Old CAO Certificates



Where to Request Old CAO Certificates

Where to Request Old CAO Certificates. Obtaining copies of old Central Applications Office (CAO) certificates is a common need for individuals who have completed studies through the CAO. Whether for personal records, career advancement, or other reasons, the process involves specific steps to ensure a smooth retrieval.

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Identifying the Need

Before initiating the certificate retrieval process, it’s crucial to identify the purpose and necessity for obtaining old CAO certificates. Common reasons include employment verification, academic pursuits, or personal documentation.

Contacting CAO Customer Support

To request old CAO certificates, individuals should reach out to the CAO customer support team. Contact information for CAO can typically be found on their official website. Communication channels may include email, phone, or an online inquiry form.


Providing Necessary Information

When contacting CAO, be prepared to provide the following information to facilitate the certificate retrieval process:

  • Full name as registered with CAO
  • Date of birth
  • CAO application reference number (if available)
  • Details of the qualification for which the certificate was issued
  • Any other relevant information that may aid in the retrieval process

Verification of Identity

CAO may have protocols in place to verify the identity of the individual requesting the certificates. This could involve submitting identification documents or other proof of identity as part of the request.

Requesting Copies

Clearly communicate the request for copies of old CAO certificates. Specify the number of copies needed and any additional information required for accurate processing.

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Payment of Fees (if applicable)

CAO may charge fees for the retrieval of old certificates. Inquire about any applicable fees and the accepted payment methods. Ensure timely payment to avoid delays in the process.

Delivery Options

Clarify the available options for receiving the requested certificates. This may include postal delivery, electronic copies, or in-person collection. Provide accurate delivery details to ensure the secure receipt of the certificates.

Follow-Up and Confirmation

After submitting the request, follow up with CAO to confirm receipt and inquire about the expected processing time. Maintain open communication to address any additional requirements or concerns that may arise during the retrieval process.



Retrieving old CAO certificates involves proactive communication with CAO’s customer support, providing necessary information, and adhering to the established procedures. By following these steps, individuals can navigate the process efficiently and obtain the required documentation for their records.

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