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Where to Find CAO Past Question Papers



Where to Find CAO Past Question Papers

Where to Find CAO Past Question Papers. Finding Central Applications Office (CAO) past question papers can be essential for individuals preparing for CAO examinations. Here are some steps you can take to locate these materials:

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CAO Official Website

Start by visiting the official website of the Central Applications Office. Some educational institutions provide past question papers as part of their resources for students. Navigate through the website’s sections related to exams, resources, or student support.

Student Portals

Check if CAO has a dedicated student portal or online learning platform. Many institutions provide access to past question papers, study guides, and other resources through these platforms. Log in to your student account or explore the available resources section.


Library Resources

Visit the library of the educational institution affiliated with CAO. Libraries often maintain archives of past question papers, reference materials, and exam resources. Librarians can guide you to relevant sections or provide access to online databases.

Academic Departments

Contact the academic departments associated with your specific course or program. Departments may keep records of past exams and share them with students for study purposes. Professors and lecturers may also provide guidance on where to find past question papers.

Student Support Services

Reach out to the student support services offered by CAO or your educational institution. They may have information on where to access past question papers or could direct you to specific resources.

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Online Educational Platforms

Explore online platforms that specialize in educational resources. Websites dedicated to providing past papers, study materials, and exam tips might have CAO-specific content. Use search engines to find such platforms and review their offerings.

Student Forums and Groups

Participate in student forums or groups related to CAO or your specific course. Students often share resources, including past question papers, to support each other in exam preparation. Social media platforms or dedicated forums can be valuable sources.


Contact CAO Offices

Directly contact the CAO offices or relevant administrative units. They may have information on where to access past question papers or could guide you on the appropriate channels for obtaining these materials.

Online Repositories

Explore online repositories and databases that host educational resources. Some platforms curate past question papers from various institutions, including those affiliated with CAO. Be cautious and ensure the reliability of the sources you use.


Securing CAO past question papers is vital for effective exam preparation. Utilize official resources, student portals, and academic departments, ensuring adherence to copyright policies for successful study sessions.

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