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Where to Hire CAO Graduation Gown



Where to Hire CAO Graduation Gown

Where to Hire CAO Graduation Gown. As you prepare for your Central Applications Office (CAO) graduation ceremony, securing the appropriate attire is crucial. If you’re looking to rent a graduation gown for the occasion, follow this guide to find reputable options.

Checking with CAO

  1. Contact CAO Office: Inquire with the CAO office about gown rental services or recommendations. They may provide information on affiliated vendors or specific guidelines for obtaining graduation attire.
  2. University/College Rental Services: Many universities or colleges have partnerships with gown rental services. Check with your specific educational institution to see if they offer gown rental options or can recommend trusted vendors.
  3. Academic Outfitters and Bookstores: Local academic outfitters or university bookstores often provide gown rental services. These establishments are familiar with the requirements of CAO ceremonies and can assist you in obtaining the correct attire.
  4. Online Rental Platforms: Explore online platforms specializing in graduation gown rentals. Several websites offer a variety of academic attire for different institutions, and you can place an order to have the gown delivered to your location.

Key Considerations

  1. Ordering in Advance: Ensure that you order your gown well in advance of the graduation ceremony to allow for processing and delivery times. This is particularly important for online rental services.
  2. Sizing and Fitting: Provide accurate measurements when renting a gown to ensure a proper fit. Some rental services may offer sizing guides to help you determine the right dimensions.
  3. Return Policies: Familiarize yourself with the rental company’s return policies. Understand the timeframe for returning the gown after the ceremony and any associated fees for late returns.
  4. Additional Accessories: Check whether the rental service includes accessories like caps and tassels. If not, make arrangements to acquire these items separately.
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Renting a CAO graduation gown involves thorough research and early planning. By exploring local options, checking with your educational institution, and considering online rental platforms, you can secure the appropriate attire for your special day. Don’t forget to adhere to any specific guidelines provided by CAO or your university regarding graduation regalia.

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